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Loneliness And Working From Home

Image Credit: Google Images

Image Credit: Google Images

Is the low hum of the fridge in the apartment beside you driving you crazy? Or perhaps the sound of silence is making it hard to concentrate.  Or, maybe, just maybe you miss the social interactions that commuting farther than your spare bedroom brought to your social calendar.  Whatever your feelings, loneliness will inevitably become a heavy burden to bear while working from home.  You aren’t the first person to experience it or have difficulty navigating this isolating and difficult journey, so here are a few things to consider if you feel yourself craving human interaction:

  1. Make time to socialize. To be social you have to, well, be social.  Making plans with friends or family is a great start.  Putting some updates on Facebook can aid in cementing the fact that you are indeed not an island and that people have not forgotten that you exist.  Remember, many people understand that working from home and starting your own business is a very time consuming endeavour, so don’t be surprised if you find family and friends giving you space to get yourself going.  If you miss them, call them, and set a date to meet.
  1. Build a network of support.  Creating a network of like-minded individuals can be great for talking out problems and bouncing off ideas. It also allows you a chance to socialize and build relationships as well as aid in keeping you accountable to your business. There is nothing better than surrounding yourself with people who understand what you are going through.  Embrace it and seek their advice.
  1. Create noise. Silence weighs heavily on the conscience already highly attuned to an atmosphere devoid of others.  Although great in helping with concentration, it’s just a bigger reminder that you are alone.  Just think, when you worked in previous jobs were you ever really surrounded by silence? Most likely, even with the door closed you caught conversations, heard traffic as well as the occasional whir of the copier.  So make noise, turn on some music and get loud!

Working from home is definitely not an undertaking for the weak. Overcoming loneliness and learning how to cope with it is going to be just one of many stumbling blocks that you are going to encounter on your way to success.  Breathe.  No one said this was going to be easy, so embrace the process and know that this too shall pass.

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Ready! Fire!! … Aim

Image Credit: Google Images

Image Credit: Google Images

READY! FIRE!!… AIM. What the? That sounds a little backwards. What am I thinking? Shouldn’t I aim first then fire?! From a common perspective, yes – but launching a product or business is not common. It is far from average and ordinary. There is no yawn factor there.

In most pursuits the importance of aiming before you shoot is drilled into your thick melon. Archery requires accurate aim; as does baseball; football; basketball; hockey; fly fishing; being a sniper; and many many other pursuits. You can’t hit your target if you don’t aim.

Launching a product or business is different in many ways. The key is to get the word out and get some traction. If you wait for perfection, you may never launch.

Have you ever heard of a little company called Facebook? I bet you have. Who hasn’t? When Mark Zuckerburg was a Harvard college kid, he created a program called Facemash. The purpose of this program was to determine if other Harvard students were “hot or not”. He acquired (hacked) images of all Harvard students and placed 2 side by side, other students could vote on who was more hot, and who was not.

Does this resemble the Uber successful company that exists to day? Not even close. After his first hint of success with Facemash, he forwarded his program to other Ivy League schools and had great results with students playing his Facemash Game. He then created a new program called thefacebook. The original site was exclusive to Harvard students, but evolved into a multi-school offering and the rest is history in the making.

This is what the ready Fire Aim philosophy is. If you wait for perfection before making your first twitter post, you’ll NEVER get started, you will never build a following. You may have an idea for a web based business, but it is not perfected yet. Who cares? You need to start building that site and get it launched, the perfection will come as you revise, tweak and iterate.

Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn said that if they had waited for the perfectly formed business to be developed, they would have never launched, and LinkedIn would still only be a passing idea. He stated that if you look back to 2008 when they launched LinkedIn, you would be amazed at how ugly and rudimentary the site was. What it is today so much more finessed, advanced and developed than it was then, and has become the go-to site for business networking worldwide.

If you have an idea, which may be an business opportunity, don’t wait. Stop dreaming and start working. Take action. Write the first page of your book, upload some photos to your new photography blog, call your first business prospect, start building your website, design your business cards, start developing that new App, order fabric for the swimsuits that you are going to design. READY! FIRE!!! AIM!

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For Yourself NOT By Yourself

Image Credit: BigOfTexas.com

Image Credit: BigOfTexas.com

One of the main reasons that we go into business for our selves is to work for ourselves. We love the idea of being on our own time and working on our own agenda. It sounds grand and idyllic. In fact it often is. When you work from your own home, it is even better. Who doesn’t want to get up when you wake up, not when your alarm demands that you get up?! Who doesn’t want to have a commute of a few feet? Making your own coffee, and sipping it while you plan out your day, sitting at your coffee table. Taking a break when you need to, not when your BOSS says you can have a few minutes. That is a real possibility when working from home.

There is however a potential dark side to working from home. You don’t know the power of the dark side – but it’s real. There is the very real danger that lurks in your lonely halls, and living room. The danger is that you become so isolated that you are rendered ineffective. Some people spend all of their time “working” at home all alone… too alone. They fail to understand the value of others in building a business. With out a network, you are a lone fish swimming in a tiny cove, never realizing the potential swimming in schools in the huge ocean.

They never really accomplish anything, because they really aren’t working, they are merely spinning their wheels doing nothing. In order to really succeed at working for your self you need others. No man is an island. You need colleagues to collaborate with. You need mentors to guide you and teach you all the right moves. You need cheerleaders who believe in what you are doing, and want to see you succeed. You need people who want to buy your product, we call them customers. Then you need people who want to learn from you, and whose success will depend on you being their mentor, and cheerleader.

When you work alone, if not done thoughtfully and strategically you will go nowhere. However, if you connect with the right people, and develop of community of success, your potential is limitless. Remember that you work for yourself – but never by yourself.

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The Big Deal About A BIG Event

What’s the big deal? Who cares about a huge auditorium filled with other people who do what you do for a living? Sounds kinda goofy. Looks expensive! It’ll eat up a lot my valuable time. What a waste of time. Why even bother. I know what I’m doing. What difference will it make if I’m there or not?

These are questions that probably arise anytime that there is a BIG convention or event happening in any industry. Many people fail to see the value, or truly understand the purpose behind such occasions. They are valuable on so many levels, some tangible, some psychological, some intellectual, some relational and of course financial. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a convention in your industry GRAB IT!!

  1. Exposure:

    When you attend a national event, you gain exposure to the latest and greatest advances taking place in your business sector. The breadth of knowledge and experience in the building is beyond comprehension. There are so many people who are experts and can teach you so much and propel you in your career. You get to hear these amazingly talented and knowledgeable professionals share their success secrets with you. You get exposed to them and many of them will be exposed to you, this is priceless.

  2. Energy:

    If you have ever talked to someone who has just returned from a national conference, they are electrified – energized, and full of belief in themselves and their company. They have just spent a few days basking in an amazing pool of successful go-getters. They have heard testimonials of normal every individuals like themselves, who have achieved great levels of success, and shared their secrets with them. Nothing compares with the invigorating experience of being in an auditorium with thousands of energetic and enthusiastic people cheering when they see others succeed. It is very very Stimulating and addictive. You become energized.

  3. Engaging:

    We all know that we can’t succeed all alone. We need others. Being a lone fish in a huge wide ocean is too lonely. When you take the plunge and sign up for a convention and then book your flight or plan your route, you have a new world about to unfold to you. You will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with others who are on their journey to success. New lifelong friendships will develop. There will be amazing individuals who will want to see you succeed and will accept your friendship, because they were once where you are now. You will meet others who are new in your field, like you. They will want to become friends and will grow and share and learn along with you. What you learn by engaging with other individuals who are like-minded will advance your career growth exponentially. Connections are valuable.

  4. Education:

    Successful people love to learn better methods. None of us know it all. It doesn’t matter if you have a PhD, an MBA or are the chairman of the board, you still have a lot to learn. When you attend a national convention, education abounds. It is everywhere. In books, magazines, DVDs, up on stage, in classrooms and in informal groups that spontaneously form. Conventions ooze with educational moments. You can always learn something new. There is always someone who sees things in a new and insightful way. Being open to learning, no matter what your education level, will benefit every area of your life. You will become more of a professional.

We all need to network. We all need to be energized. We all need to learn and keep on learning. Success can be taught and absorbed through enlightened exposure. That’s the BIG Deal about a Big Event. They are priceless.

Being A Home Based Entrepreneur

Image Credit Google Images

Image Credit Google Images

Today, more and more people are working from home. It is very common in the tech world and is growing more common in other sectors as well. Unfortunately there is still a misconception among many that working from home is not legitimate. These individuals view those who work from home as posers who do so, while searching for real work. This is an unenlightened and inaccurate notion. When interfacing with such naysayers, refer to your place of work as your Home Office. This will change their tune and will elevate your status in their eyes and possibly create a little envy. Remember that they are uninformed and will one day see the fruits of your labor.

The range of professionals making their living from home is astounding. From consultants, to photographers, to doctors, to mechanics, to sales reps, network marketers,  authors, bloggers, home inspectors, yoga teachers, personal trainers, Youtube stars, the list goes on and on and on. It is a totally legitimate and growing way to make a living.

It is exciting to think about the day that you will say “I Quit”. It is an electrifying prospect to imagine that one day you will be your own boss. You will work from your dining room table in your sweat pants. You will call your own shots, and be answerable to no-one. Ah-h-h-h….

Now back to reality. One of the most important things to realize when you are working from home is that you will be answerable to many people. You will have clients and/or patients who require that you deliver what you promised. You may have a significant other to whom you must show that working from home is worth it. You may have employees who look to you to provide a steady income to them. If you are a network marketer, you will have a line of individuals who look to you to set the standard for them, and to help them succeed.

However, when you have an exhilarating picture of the life you will lead, then these responsibilities will be stimulating. You will get juice from seeing the demands and requirements of these individuals and endeavoring to meet them. With each need met, you will get fueled up and will be charged to take on the next challenge. Success breeds success. Attaining goals empowers you to accomplish more, bigger and better goals. Working from your home office is a serious and exhilarating pursuit. Take steps to make it happen. You will not regret it.

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Working From Home: Step 3 Organization

Image Credit Parentables.howstuffworks.com

Image Credit Parentables.howstuffworks.com

It’s difficult working from home.  You’re trying to make a name for yourself as well as trying to make sure that you are also not neglecting yourself.  But when it comes to organizing your office, where does that fit it?  What, you say you’re organized? Does your desk look like a bomb has gone off? Are you slipping on the papers that scatter the floor? And how about your orders, are you able to find them under the mounds of inventory that are scattered all over your house?  Did you just pause?  I thought so.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Being organized is often something that is taken for granted. People don’t realize that being disorganized can cost you time and money.  Example: Fred, in his haste to get out orders, did not print out a master sheet.  So, upon shipping everything out, two weeks later he receives three angry emails from clients asking where their shipments are.  Hmmm…not exactly the best way to create a strong client base.  Being organized means there is a place for everything and everything in its place. It may take a few days, or even a week, but in the long run you will be saving yourself time, and money.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Find the right space for your office.  You need to be located somewhere in your home where you are not interrupted by people walking by or noise made by the dog intent on barking at every passerby.  Moving your work about the house does not foster success, so nix the use of your child’s desk or the dining room table for a more permanent home.
  2. Use the space in a way the works for you.  This means that if you need light, taking up residence under the stairs won’t help you stay organized because you won’t want to be there.  So find a space where you feel comfortable.  Once there, develop a set up that fits with your organizational habits.  Do you do better with filing? Bins? Colouring sorting or wall mounting where everything is visible? Take the time to find out what works best for you, and then jump in!
  3. De-clutter.  If you don’t have a use for it, get rid of it, junk it, file it, but get it out of your sight.  Having a cluttered working environment makes it difficult for you to feel at peace and stay organized, so remember when it comes to your home office, less is definitely more.

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Working From Home: Step 2

working from home

Photo Credit Mashable

Many people, when setting off on their journey of working from home, can get stuck in wondering where to start.  You sit at a table staring off into space or cruise the web researching where to begin all the while missing what is right in front of you; the untapped resource of business networking.  Business networking is where like-minded people go to shape ideas, build upon their client base as well as taking part in mentoring opportunities. It gives much needed help to someone who is working from home as well as providing a greater base for potential clients.

Networking provides a lot of opportunity, an enormous wealth of experience to draw from at your fingertips, as well as potential business that you wouldn’t have necessarily had before. Meeting people and creating a support base allows you to expand and reach potential clients with the help of other like-minded individuals.  Networking groups tend to meet either monthly or weekly, with the direct intent of giving referrals and exchanging possible leads.  Once there, make sure that you put yourself out there and make connections.  Give yourself a goal of connecting with three new people every meeting, and stay in touch.  Talk to these people, remain prominent and draw from their expertise.  Take the time to find out what has made them successful.

But what if you don’t have a network in your area?  The answer is in the internet.  You have access to the world, an enormous and tantalizing pool of potential clients with limitless needs and interests.  Take time to find forums and groups that are for your specific niche, talents, and interests.  You will find potential clients here, all looking for a particular need to be filled. It may take some time, but don’t give up, and once there, don’t be afraid to be a shameless self-promoter.  Speak up, talk about what you are able to do, post pictures and promote yourself.  Remember, you are working to be successful, and there is no shame in that.

Working From Home: Step 1

Image via Google Images

Image via Google Images

Bosses, deadlines, office politics.  It’s no wonder that many of us have contemplated giving our notice and embracing the comfy and alluring idea of working from home, setting our own hours, and not having someone looking over our shoulder. It’s also no surprise that many people have taken the leap to do it.  What isn’t attractive about making your own hours?  Who wouldn’t like to roll out of bed only to commute twenty paces from the bedroom into the office? Though working from home can be intimidating and scary, it can be a rewarding and confidence-boosting experience that can open many doors.

Maybe you are starting your own business or perhaps your boss does not require you to be in the office. Regardless of what your reasons for working from home might be, drive and self-discipline will determine your level of success.

Working from home requires time, care and attention and perhaps, most importantly, dedication. Although you may not have someone checking on you to make sure that you’re productive, deadlines and commitments to your job will still exist, as well as your need to make an income. If you don’t do the work, who will?  Maybe you have a pitch to make on Thursday, or perhaps you have new connections to build, an inventory deadline to meet.  Whatever the case, how do you make yourself treat working from home like a job rather than time to catch up on your favourite shows?

The answer? Show up.  Every day.  Get dressed.  Get to work on time.  Whether that is in front of the computer or pricing out suppliers, making cold call lists or putting the finishing touches on that model airplane you just finished for your customer, you need to show up. But the beauty of working from home is that you have the flexibility in how you show up.  If you are an early bird, show up every day.  Early.  If you’re a late night savant, use those hours to flush out your best ideas. But make the time to do it every day.  Five days a week.  In some cases more.  And why?  Because, it’s your life, and showing up in your own life is the key to your success.

Do make some allowances. You won’t get fired for wearing your pajamas to work.

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Income Revolution Spotlight – Part 10


What is your “Why” for starting a home based business?

I worked in the banking industry for 30 years and in 2008 was affected by the company downsizing. It was to early to retire and I still wanted to build my savings. So I knew I had to do something different. I heard about this on the Sean Hannity radio show and here I am.

What are your 3 favorite things about Income Revolution?

I absolutely love this company. We are, in fact, a family, a community that supports each other. From the seasoned distributors to the newcomers. I love all these products.

Explain how much you earned in your first week, month, or quarter.

In my first month I earned $500 and by my 4th month I doubled that to $1000.

Income Revolution Spotlight – Part 9


Name Three Of Your Favorite Reasons Why You Love Income Revolution?

  1. The time and financial freedom I now have.
  2. I am able to help others with their health and starting their own businesses.
  3. The simplicity and products have helped my health tremendously.

Briefly Explain How Much You’ve Earn With Income Revolution In Your First 30 Days

I consistently earn over $100 a week, with the first quarter of my business, I earned over $1200.00.

Why Did You Decide To Start Your Own Home Based Business?

The reason “Why” I wanted to start a home based business is I want to stay home with my son. I also have a strong desire to not work for someone else, just punch a clock and make money for some other company. I want the freedom financially to travel, not live paycheck to paycheck, and I want a healthier lifestyle, without pills and mixing shakes. I knew the nutrition industry was the business to get into and after checking out other companies, Income Revolution was the company that I could build a business that would give me the freedoms I was looking for.


There are no guarantees regarding income or bonuses, and the success or failure of each Nutrie Brand Partner, as with any other business, depends upon that Brand Partner’s own skills, personal effort, dedication, the amount of time that he or she devotes to this business, and the amount of training, mentorship, and supervision that the Brand Partner provides to his or her downline sales organization, as well as market conditions such as geographic location. Please consult Nutrie’s Earnings Disclosure for further information regarding earnings.

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